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UNC Free Speech Alliance

Mission and Leadership



UNC AFSA’s mission is to support and defend free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity at UNC-Chapel Hill.


The Alliance is an independent, non-partisan organization led by UNC Alumni. 

We are a chapter of a national organization, the Alumni Free Speech Alliance (AFSA). Our mission will converge with that of AFSA. 

View our full brochure on UNC AFSA's Mission



John Bruce – 1975 & 1978, Raleigh, NC

John Cohen - 1978, Greensboro, NC

Allen Corey - 1978, Chattanooga, TN

David Frost - 1980, Chapel Hill, NC

Frank Hill - 1978, Raleigh, NC

Maggie Horzempa - 2019, Raleigh, NC

Steven Long – 1982, Raleigh, NC

Doug Monroe - 1978, Richmond, VA

Robert Poitras – 1994, Chapel Hill, NC

Carter Pope - 1978, Atlanta, GA 

Jenna Robinson - 2006 &  2012, Cary, NC

Blair Shwedo - 1979, Charlotte, NC

Bill White - 1965, Chapel Hill, NC

Kendall Williams - 2020 & 2023 Law, Greenville, NC

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